Classroom Transformation


As I start in a new classroom, I try to think, “If I were to go somewhere to focus and learn, what type of an environment would I choose?” I know for me personally, I’d choose a coffee shop. It has a buzz of conversation and collaboration, but it is not overstimulating. There are different seating options and it usually has a calming demeanor to it. I want this for my students. My last classroom was a 5th grade classroom and definitely had that cafe feel. (You can read about that classroom transformation in my Cafe Style Classroom Transformation Blog Post ) This summer I switched schools and also switched grade levels. I am now teaching 1st grade. I wanted to be able to keep a lot of the wood and metal pieces that I had bought for my previous classroom but make it work for a younger grade. I decided to do a Woodland/Farmhouse style classroom.

In this blog post, I want to share before and after pictures. I will go more into details about the various aspects of the classroom in later posts. I will say that “where there is a will there is a way”. I did not spend as much money on this classroom as it seems, because, like my last classroom, it is full of DIY projects, Craigslist finds, and clearance items. I do have more details on my Facebook Page if you are wondering where I found the items in my classroom and the prices.

Here are some Before and After pictures of my classroom so far. Keep in mind that when I inherited the classroom, the classrooms were still all being switched around and there were both 5th grade and 1st grade furniture and supplies in my new classroom.












Here are a few more Woodland Classroom Pictures, and yes those wood cut outs are pillows and the shiplap at the front of the room is a rug! Aren’t they perfect?! Amazon Prime for the win!





You can also find more pictures and details of this transformation on my Instagram Page

Thank you,

Kayla Collins


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